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Stick to the Script is the debut studio album by The Turbulents, which features eight original group compositions written and arranged by the band. The purpose of the album was to establish the band's sound as a group. All three members brought their own influences and individual styles to the table, which culminated in the unique sound of The Turbulents.


Kyle Cushman - Lead & Rhythm Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar

Alex Seubert - Piano, Rhodes, Hammond, Synths

Dan Litavsky - Drums, percussion, additional keys tracks 1 & 3


01. Stick to the Script (3:27) [Cushman]

02. Reinvention (4:48) [Cushman/Seubert/Litavsky]

03. Scattered Showers (4:21) [Litavsky/Cushman]

04. Brave the Storm (4:22) [Seubert/Cushman]

05. Daybreak (3:42) [Cushman/Seubert/Litavsky]

06. Wonderland (3:42) [Cushman/Seubert]

07. Disorient (The Listener) (4:27) [Cushman/Litavsky]

08. One Day at a Time (4:40) [Seubert/Cushman/Litavsky]

Production Credits:

Co-Produced by The Turbulents (Dan Litavsky, Alex Seubert, Kyle Cushman)

Recorded & Mixed by Josh Russell at Spring House Studios

Mastered by Ron Keck at SubCat Studios

Album art by Dan Litavsky

Stick to the Script (Digital Download)

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